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Fine Jewelry handcrafted in Colorado -- All items in my collection can be customized - Contact me for a quote!

How Custom Jewelry Design Works

How the Process Works:

Are you interested in having a custom piece of jewelry made for you or your loved one? I will hear your vision and work with you to create the perfect design. You can either customize an item from my shop or dream up something new.

I'm here to help make your vision a reality.


Consult & Design - The first step is to hear your vision. We chat about your project in whichever way is easiest for you -- whether it be email, phone or in person. I hear all the ins and outs of what you're looking for - I get an idea of your style, budget and timeline. I see the design stage to be a collaboration and encourage your ideas and input. We then work through a series of sketches to come up with your ideal design.


Fabrication - Once a design is chosen, the creation of your piece begins. All of my jewelry is handmade and each piece has a slightly different fabrication process. Most of my jewlery pieces are hand-carved out of wax and then cast into precious metal. Gemstones are all handset and each piece is polished to perfection.


The Final Product - Your dream design is finally a reality and the finished piece is ready for delivery!

Custom Jewelry FAQs

What if I'm interested in learning more about a custom piece but I'm not sure I want to commit to purchasing?

Currently, I am able to hold free consultations with zero commitment to purchase. I don’t mind taking the time to explain the process, go over options and pricing even if you’re not sure you will want to move forward.

How much does a custom piece of jewelry cost?

Due to time & creative energy involved in making a custom piece, it will cost a bit more than an already designed piece from my collection. However, every job is vastly different and it is impossible to say without knowing more about the project, materials and complexity. Some very simple projects may be within a few hundred dollars while most jobs generally start around $1000 and go up from there.

Do you offer financing?

Yes, I do offer financing through Shop Pay. With financing plans, production on your piece will start immediately and will ship within the normal timeline while you slowly pay it off over the course of a few months. Let me know if you're intereseted in financing a custom project.

What if I have a lower budget, but I still want something custom?

Any item from my online store can be customized just for you! I can set a different stone, change a setting, add more elements, change up the chain, and so much more. There are many options that will make one of my pieces special just for you and cost less than creating a new piece from scratch.

How long will it take to create my custom piece?

Each piece will have a different production time, but most custom projects take 4-8 weeks. More complex projects may take longer. Some simpler projects that don’t involve wax carving may only take a couple weeks. 

How does payment for custom jewelry work?

Once a design is chosen, I require a 50% deposit before work begins. The remaining balance is then due before delivery of your finished piece.

Will you work with a client's stones?

I do work with some client stones. I would need to see the stones ahead of time before deciding whether or not they are usable.


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