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The Making Of: Mama & Baby Rabbit Custom Pendant

Let's take a look behind-the-scenes at how a custom pendant is made. You will see how the process unfolds starting with the sketches, then the wax carving and finishing with the final product. 

Concept Origin

When this custom inquiry came in, I just couldn't stand how cute the concept and meaning was. This adorable mama & baby rabbit duo is a surprise push present for a new mom. It's a little something special to celebrate a new joyous life chapter!


Every custom piece starts with a series of sketches. For this particular necklace, we nail it in the first round of sketches. 

three rabbit pendant sketches

jewelry necklace sketch

Wax Carving

Hand-carving the piece is where I have the most fun. This pendant started as a raw block of green wax that I slowly carve away with small hand tools and a hot wax pen. The wax always goes through a phase where it just looks down right ugly before it starts looking nice!

For a relief carving like this one, I like to do a graphite transfer from my sketch to the wax. It gives me a rough version of the sketch to work from. 

Beginning stage int the wax carving process 

Middle stage in wax carving process

Ready For Casting

All the details are in place and the fur texture is added. The diamond is temporarily put in place to double check that the setting is the right size. The bail is added last with the hot wax pen. And it's ready to be cast into white gold. 

 Final wax carving before casting

The Finished Necklace

After the pendant is cast into 14k white gold, it goes through a casting cleaning process where it is cleaned up and polished. The diamond is set in place and the chain is added. And then this pendant is finished and ready to make it's way to its new home. 

Custom wax carved pendant

custom rabbit pendant

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