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Meet the Artist

Leah is a Colorado artist inspired by nature and eras past.

You know that one thing that drives you and if you don’t do it you feel like a piece of you is missing? That’s what creating is for me. I’ve always known whichever path I choose in life, design and creation would play a big part. I’m a creator at my very core.

I originally went to school for fine arts and oil painting. It was during this time that I continued to find myself being drawn towards metalsmithing. As I started to learn the basics, I was immediately hooked. I now enjoy expressing myself with both metalsmithing as well as visual mediums such as oil paint, watercolor and gouache.

My work is inspired by nature and eras past. My jewelry is greatly influenced by antique jewelry designs while my many of my paintings are inspired by nostalgia and antique photography.

The one stream of thought that I keep coming back to is that time is precious and moments are fleeting. Looking back at these moments are both simultaneously aching and beautiful.

My First Love was behind a brush & canvas

Painting has been my passion ever since I can remember. One of my earliest memories, I spent hours painstakingly copying my great grandfather's paintings that hung around our home. I remember just gushing with pride at what my five-year-old self thought was an exact replication. Needless to say, drawing and painting was my first love.

Beyond the Studio

Aside from creating - I love to be active and outdoors. My husband Dan and I love to go hiking, trail running, rock climbing and camping. We love living in Colorado and try to take advantage of our beautiful surroundings any chance we can get.

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