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What My Customers Are Saying

Travel Treasure

"Leah was more than kind. She was celebratory of my ideas and freely provided multiple designs within various price points. The design we settled on fully reflected my personal style and showcased my found travel treasure in a most stunning way. Every detail from length to metal type was carefully considered and every pestering question was answered with patience and enthusiasm.

I’ve worked with Leah to re-work some of my own family jewelry to make it wearable and resonate for me. What I love is that I now have stunning jewelry of the highest quality that is so dear and unique to me. I love sharing the stories they hold when I receive complements. I appreciated how workable pricing is—buying jewelry you help design for yourself is a huge point of privilege and Leah makes it an empowering experience. I cannot more highly recommend her services and know I will be creating new pieces with her in the future.”

- Chelsey R.

Sparrow Ring

"Leah designed and created a custom ring for me with a level of detail that truly went above and beyond. I don't live in Colorado, and I found Leah's work online. I was looking for a goldsmith who carved wax molds by hand and had the artistic strength to create a new, detailed design for a unique piece including a recognizable image of a specific species of bird.

 In my area all the goldsmiths I spoke to or whose websites I perused create their wax molds using a 3d printer, and their designs lacked the hand-crafted feel that I was looking for.

We spoke about the project on the phone, and Leah was happy to do the job remotely and ship the final piece. After determining details over the phone Leah drew a suite of sketches detailing different design ideas.

The final ring came out looking just like the chosen design, is absolutely gorgeous, and I received it when expected (I needed it by a specific date).


Things that really set this exchange on a level above:

• I asked for an image of a specific species of bird on a workspace as small as the face of a ring, and Leah pulled it off!

• Leah has the fine art background to essentially "draw" with the metal

• Leah's interest in Georgian era jewelry led to me choosing a final design where the ring itself had a very unique and striking shape, unlike other rings I have seen!

• The handcrafted nature of the production leads to a truly one-of-a-kind finished piece and has so much more personality than a piece made from a 3d-printed wax mold

• Communication was clear and easy, and Leah provided designs within a discussed price range, giving me lots of options


If you are looking for a custom piece of jewelry I would highly recommend Leah Hollrock Jewelry!"

- Zack M. | Google Review

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