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Jewelry Care

Keeping your jewelry sparkling and in great shape

To keep your jewelry sparkling and in great shape, be sure to take them off before:


⊛ APPLYING PRODUCTS such as makeup, perfume, lotion or sunscreen - these will coat your jewelry & dull its shine.

⊛ USING HARSH CHEMICALS such as cleaning products, bleach or chlorine - chemicals are very harsh on gold and gemstones!

⊛ GARDENING & BAKING - or any activity where grime can get into your jewelry's small crevices.

⊛ EXERCISING OR HEAVY LIFTING - or any strenuous activity where jewelry can be misshapen and stones can loosen.

How to clean your jewelry at home

To clean your jewelry at home, you can gently scrub with mild dish soap, warm water and a toothbrush. This method works great for most jewelry. To clean pearls or other sensitive stones such as tuquoise or opals - skip the soap and gently use warm water and your finger.

Check your jewelry periodically

All jewelry, no matter how well made, will need periodic check-ins. Naturally with daily wear, prong settings can wear down or loosen over time.

Take a close look at your jewelry every few months to make sure the prongs are in good shape and the stones are tight.

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