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Custom Ring Spotlight: Orange Blossom

Custom Ring Spotlight: Orange Blossom

Each custom jewelry project is a collaboration. I always want to know my client's ideas, inspirations & vision. 

This particular ring project was a band to stack along side my client's engagement & wedding rings - both of which are antiques from the 1930's and 40's with the popular orange blossom motif from that era. Like any well loved antique, the patterns on her rings were worn down. Together we designed this band as a nod to what her rings may have looked like when brand new.



Custom wedding ring design sketches

Every custom project starts off with detailed sketches. In this particular project, we were able to nail down the design in the first round - but sometimes the collaboration process takes several rounds of sketches to find the perfect design.

All of these sketches are different plays on the orange blossom motif. My client also wanted a little sparkle without being too much, so we decided on diamonds set in every other blossom. She chose sketch A.


Wax Carving

The beginning stages of a lost wax ring carving Final stage of a lost wax ring carving


Creating this ring was SO. MUCH. FUN!

My jewelry is hand-carved from wax and then cast into precious metal. This process is known as lost wax casting and has been used in jewelry making for thousands of years. It's the method used before computers.

This ring started out as a blank tube of wax. Each detail was whittled away using small hand tools, gravers, files and a hot wax pen. (The tools look a lot like dental tools.) 


Finished Ring

Orange blossom wedding ring

After the wax carving was cast into 14K white gold, the finishing work begins. The ring comes back from casting in a very raw state and a lot of clean up work is needed - grinding, sanding, polishing. The milgrain detail on this ring is also added after casting and each little diamond is bead set into the orange blossoms.

The art is in the process -- from working with my client to see her vision, pencil to paper sketching, sculpting the wax, and then finally getting to polish and set the final ring.



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